Team 91 Athlete Bartolotto Chooses Cornell

2017 Defenseman Joseph Bartolotto of Miller Place HS has selected to coninue his academic and athletic career at Cornell University.

Here is a little bit about Joseph:

Player Name: Joseph T Bartolotto III

91 Team & Grad Year: Team 91 2017 Orange

High School/ Town Team: Miller Place/Team Miller Place

GPA: 94

College Commitment: Verbally committed to the admissions process at Cornell University

Academic Accolades: High Honor roll 2013, 2014, Zone award, Leadership award

Athletic Awards: rookie of the year 2014, Suffolk top 20 Team

Other schools considered: Bryant, Rutgers, Maryland, and Syracuse

Most Influential Coach and Why: “Thomas X Hoeg”, Coach Heog introduced me to Lacrosse when I was in 3rd grade, he believed in me and has always set the proper example on and off the field. He made lacrosse fun and competitive at the same time.

Why you choice to commit to that college: Cornell is a perfect mix of strong academics and lacrosse all set on an amazing campus in a beautiful city.

Why do you play lacrosse: Lacrosse is the best of all sports mixed together, I love the speed, physical challenge, and team element. It has given me an opportunity to attend my dream school.

How has lacrosse influenced your life: I feel that lacrosse has given me focus, determination and broaden my horizons through traveling around the east coast. 

What are your pregame rituals: Always listen to music, never the same song, because just like every game, they are different.

What motivates you: My opponents motivate me, I always want to be better then them on the field. It’s like a game within a game.

Favorite memory of playing Team 91 lacrosse: I am new to the team and look forward to making many memories!

What has the game taught you: The game has taught me to respect everyone, never underestimate any player or team.

What’s you favorite pump-up song: “Public Service Announcement” by Jay Z

What’s your go-to post game meal: Steak!!!!!

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