Team 91 Athlete Cutillo Commits to Army

Here is a little more insight into how Jac made his decision:

Player Name: JAC Cutillo
91 Team & Grad Year: Team Orange 2017
High School/ Town Team: Kings Park High School
GPA: 85
College Commitment: US Military Academy at West Point

Athletic Awards:
- 8th and 9th grade varsity lacrosse player
- 9th and 10th grade varsity football
- 2014 Division 2 Rookie of the Year
- 2014 Freshman Long Island All-Star Team
- 2013 & 2014 NXT Individual Philly Showcase
- 2014 FLG in 3D All-Star Team
-2014 & 2015 Maverick Showcase

Other schools considered: the Air Force, Naval Academy,  Rutgers University, Boston University, UMass, Fairfield University

Most influential coach and why: Team 91 coach Jim Mule'. He has had me on his team the past 3 and a half years and he has helped me to become a more polished player.  He's an amazing coach and I'm thankful for all of the time he has put in for me

Why did you choose to commit to that college: West Point is an amazing Institution, with a long history of graduating some of the most notable figures in our country's history.  Its emphasis on Academics as well as Leadership and Athleticism is a perfect fit for me.   I love the family atmosphere between all of the guys on the team and the incredible coaching staff. Coach Alberici , and assistant Coaches, Georgalas and Turri were major factors in my decision.

Why do you play lacrosse: I play lacrosse because I truly love it.  I can use my strength, speed and athleticism on offense as well as defense and I love the speed of the game. The guys I have met on the field have made me who I am today.  On the field is where I am most comfortable.

How has lacrosse influenced your life: Lacrosse has changed my life an extraordinary amount.  Lacrosse has made me more confident, it has strengthened my leadership qualities and It has also allowed me the opportunity to meet some of the greatest friends.

What are your pregame rituals: Before games I like to listen to my music and calm myself down to focus on and visualize what needs to be done with my time out on the field.

What motivates you:I aim to be the hardest worker i can possibly be. The thought of somebody working harder than me on the field motivates me to work harder and be better.

Favorite memory of playing Team 91 lacrosse: There's way too many memories with my team to name a specific favorite. The tournaments are just a blast with all of the families together having tailgates and having fun. It's a great feeling being a part of something so special

What has the game taught you: The game has taught me many great lessons that will be used for the rest of my life, such as team work, patience, focus, leadership, awareness, sportsmanship, and most of all respect.

What is you favorite pump-up song: Most of the music I listen to before any game is EDM.

What is your go-to post game meal: Chipotle

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