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Empire Lacrosse is based in Long Island, New York. LI Empire lacrosse has developed both girls and boys divisons throughout the island. In 2016 LI Empire has annouced its expansion into Nassau County expanding it's success to reach from one end of the island to the other. It is a travel lacrosse program that focuses on teaching their players the correct way to play the game of lacrosse. The right way ranges from simple skills such as catching and throwing to more advanced game situations drills. As a program we also teach all of our players to play the game with class. Beyond having travel teams that compete in tournaments, the program also has instructional clinics, recruiting seminars, and even proper nutritional talks. Empire Lacrosse instills in its players and families the company motto of "It’s the little things". Whether on the lacrosse field or in life Empire players learn if they do the little things correct it will lead to the bigger things on and off the lacrosse field.


One thing Empire Lacrosse prides itself on is the ability to help develop all players from the ground up.


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