What can Dynamic Sports do to help mangage my event?

    Dynamic Sports has built a reputation of running high quality sporting events.  These events range from participatroy camps and clinics to collegiate showcases, from tournaments with over 400 teams to club teams with over 1,000 members. Dynamic Sports can be your one stop shop for outsourcing of online data and tuition collection, communication to your customer base, marketing your event, hiring staff and more.

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    What differentiates Dynamic Sports from the rest?

    We have built our business on executional excellence and premier customer service for our clients.  Dynamic Sports has been able to scale events and run them across seven different states.

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    Why use Dynamic Sports?

    Partnering with Dynamic Sports allows you to do what you are good at.  Partnering with Dynamic Sports allows you to return to the tasks that were the original attractions to getting you into the sports business.  Whether your main focus is coaching, attracting talent, running a charity event, Dynamic Sports will take all of the headaches off your hands.  Dynamic Sports can take care of all of your backend administrative duties to let you get back to what made you great in the first place.  Dynamic Sports can also allow you to scale.  Using our online software solutions, robust database and operational knowledge, we can turn a good event into a memorable one.

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    Where did the idea for Dynamic Sports come from?

    The idea of Dynamic Sports was born in 2010 when its founders were torn between scaling their business or staying the course.  The decision was made to re-invest into the agency thus scaling the company to unparalleled growth.  The best coaches, athletes and staff are able to maximize talents while providing unparalleled customer service and communication to our clients.  Dynamic Sports was out in front of the trends offering online registration, scheduling, referee assignments and rostering.  These are just some of the reasons why Dynamic Sports has become the largest sports management company on Long Island.

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    What is the vision for Dynamic Sports?

    Our vision can be derived from our mission statement:

    DSM provides a professional and energetic environment for participants to learn, develop and enjoy athletics through competition, training and mentoring, as well as, unique spectator experiences delivered through industry leading sports and entertainment event operations.

    Every decision that is made by Dynamic Sports keeps this statement in mind.  The vision is simple, to continue to strive to be the best sports management company in the Tri-State area and beyond.

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    What is the best way to contact Dynamic Sports?

    The best way to get in touch with Dynamic Sports is to visit the CONTACT page.  On there, you will find links to our social media, directions and maps, address, phone numbers and more.

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    Is Dynamic Sports just a lacrosse company?

    Not by a long shot.  Its true that in their early years Dynamic Sports was a highly visible lacrosse operator, but at the same time DSM was operating football, charity, golf and social events.  These events have brought competitors together on the field, charitable organizations together with donors, and attracted top flight talent from across the country to teach young players in a variety of sports.  DSM has committed to expansion of our mission and vision both in the short term and the long term.

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