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Our Teams

Team 91 is driven behind a single mission, to give the members of our team the optimal training and experience anyone can have in their travel lacrosse career. Team 91 is composed of boys and girls teams which cover the nation from Long Island, the Tristate, Maryland, Texas, California and our newest venture to North Carolina and will continue to expand its horizons to give anyone who loves lacrosse the chance at the best level of training possible. Our team offers unmatched training in offense, defense, as well as elite training for FOGOs and goalies. These trainings are taught by former plays in the MLL which is what makes the coaching extremely sought after. Team 91 is an extremely well-known brand with loyal members since we participate in the most exclusive tournaments in the country; including showcases for college coaches. Not to mention our apparel is the most recognizable and desired. Joining Team 91 will not only better your skills and techniques but it will also revitalize your love for the game, it is the best lacrosse experience.  


Team 91 LI Boys: Over the years, our Team 91 Long Island boys have become the most dominant and competitive travel teams in the country. From the start, the growth of this team has been rapid and is not slowing down any time soon. With 21 teams for ages 8-18 there are a variety of teams to choose from and find your best place where we can tailor your skills and explore your talent. Offering summer academy, Box Lacrosse academy, academy select, academy training, goaltending academy and K-3 academy as well as apparel, practices, events, uniforms, gloves, sticks, helmets and more. Coaches include MLL coaches of the year, MLL All-Stars and more, who will work with and train you to become the best player you can be.

Team 91 LI Girls: Beginning over 10 years ago, our Team 91 Long Island Girls teams are known as the fiercest players on the field. Expanding to 11 teams over the years our girls have made a name for themselves and their teams including Kiera Strong which was created for Kiera Enright, a 7 year old girls from Massapequa who was diagnosed with ALL Leukemia in 2012. Team 91 LI Girls offers academy training, goaltending academy and K-3 academy, apparel, gloves, googles, uniforms, events and more. With the incredible coaching from several All-American players, the training you receive are unlike any other. The coaches will work with you to evolve your techniques and skills to become a dominant player in lacrosse.

Team 91 Tristate Boys & Girls: Approaching our 4th year, our Team 91 Tristate boys and girls have taken the world of travel lacrosse by storm. Currently with 11 boy’s teams and 7 girl’s teams, the expansion of this team seeks no end. Players have flocked to Team 91 Tristate due to our well-known brand name and loyalty of our players. Hearing of the impeccable coaching, training and apparel received by Team 91 Long Island, it is only natural for players to want to play with us. We offer boys and girl’s strength and conditioning academy, academy training as well as boys Box Lacrosse. With coaching from former MLL All-stars, MLL coaches of the year, All-American players and more, the treatment and experience received on this team will never fall short of amazing. Team 91 Tristate will shape you into the lacrosse player you have always dreamed of being.

Team 91 Maryland: Going into our 10th year, Team 91 has made itself known in Maryland through its elite training styles. Currently strong with 8 teams for ages 9-17 and growing each year. Intense training of offensive and defensive players, special FOGO and goaltending training makes Team 91 Maryland stand out from all the other travel lacrosse teams. Offering Box and Player development academies as well as coaching from leading coaches, program wide curriculum, apparel, uniforms, sticks, helmets, tournaments, practices and much more. Joining Team 91 will definitely enhance your skills as a player.

Team 91 Carolina Cannons: Team 91 Carolina Cannons is the newest addition to the team 91 family this year. The expansion of our brand continues down to North Carolina that way we can offer the best lacrosse training experience anyone can receive. We will be introducing our knowledge and style of lacrosse training down south. With our hybrid style of offense and defense and focus on positional training, players will take on an entire new perspective of the game. With our unbeatable coaching staff of former MLL All-stars and MLL coaches of the year, the teaching of new skills and enhancement of what is already known will create a new player and the one you want to be.


Team 91 Texas: Beginning in the summer of 2012, Team 91 Texas welcomed the Long Island style of lacrosse to be taught to member of the team. This travel team receives the highest quality treatment and training that cannot be found anywhere else down south. By introducing the Long Island techniques such as emphasis on positional training and elite coaching staff, Team 91 Texas has become a force to be reckoned with. With 8 boy’s teams and 1 girls’ team, Team 91 Texas gets invited to some of the most exclusive lacrosse tournaments throughout the nation while still keeping a low price. They offer fall and Summer Select Lacrosse, Box Lacrosse and Coaches training.  


Fighting Ducks: The Fighting Ducks are an elite and highly competitive travel lacrosse team based out of the south shore of Long Island. The Fighting Ducks currently have 11 teams and are looking to grow more, teams range from kindergarten to 18 years old. There is also a girls team called the Lady Ducks who have become more popular throughout the years. They offer packages for every season which all include different practices, trainings, tournaments, goalie training and face-off training. The high intensity training is the biggest factor to develop and become a stronger and better player. Our highly sought after coaches give feedback often to their players and give a final written evaluation to each player, this kind of attention and personal contact is only found here at the Fighting Ducks.


Empire: Empire Lacrosse Suffolk is an extremely inclusive travel team that works with you to enhance and hone in on your skills while training and coaching you to become an even better player. Empire Suffolk offers a boys and girls team, as of now the boys currently have 16 teams and the girls have 3 ranging in ages from 10-17. There is also a kindergarten through 3rd grade league as well. Empire Lacrosse Nassau is an incredible girl’s travel league based out of Nassau county Long Island, NY. There are currently 5 different teams from ages 13-18. Empire offers practices throughout every season, apparel, gloves, socks, uniforms, summer spring and fall events and two phenomenal coaches per team. Empire lacrosse will be a perfect choice for a travel team that will make you the player you want to be. 


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