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One on One Goalie Camp

The 1 on 1 goalie camp is a great way for any goalie to step their game up significantly. In this camp the goalies will learn every aspect of goalie play. They will get small group instruction and large group lectures from some of the top goaltenders in the game today. They will have guest goaltender lecturers as well as guest shooters. Campers will also learn secret tips and strategies that have led to the directors’ success. The pros will also give the camps lessons on how to string and maintain their equipment. They wills also get specialized speed and agility training by DLT Speed, Strength & Agility Coordinator Ryan Maehr. There are two sessions available for this camp one is in the spring and the other is in the summer you can register for this cam at


Dates: July 18-21

Time: 5:00-8:00pm


Pro Box Camp 

Pro box camp offers 4- hour and a half sessions the first two sessions are stick skills and game concepts the second sessions are in pickup game setting where they can learn as they play. The coaches are former pro box and international players, with over 20 years of indoor playing and coaching experience. The directors of this camp are BRIAN O'KEEFE, PAT MCCABE and ROBBIE CAMPBELL.  Pat and Brian have traveled across North America playing and coaching in the National Lacrosse League. In this camp players will learn Shooting Accuracy, Faking Proficiency, Stickhandling in tight spaces, two man game and The Pick and Roll offense/defense. The camp is around three times a year with sessions in the fall winter and spring, each season offers two sessions you can register for. You can register at under the pro box tab.


Date: July 25-28

Time: 9:00AM-12:00PM

Location: Sports Arena- St. James


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