2018 Team 91 Athlete Kuttin Commits to Johns Hopkins

12/16/2014 9:59 AM -

Team 91 athlete Sean Kuttin has chosen to continue his athletic and academic career at Johns Hopkins University.  Here we understand Sean's process that led to his decision.

Player Name: Sean Kuttin
91 Team & Grad Year: 2018 Extreme
High School/ Town Team: Chaminade HS
College Commitment: Johns Hopkins University

Academic Accolades: National Junior Honor Society (all three years of middle school)
High Honor Roll (Middle School)

Athletic Awards: Jake Reed Nike Bluechip and 3d Bluechip Standout. Brine National Lacrosse Classic champion. Maverick Showtime 2015 invitee, FLG in 3 D all star

Other schools considered: Duke University and the University of Virginia.

Most Influential Coach and Why: My most influential coach has been Coach Sal LoCascio. He has been mentoring me since the fifth grade and is more than a coach. He has taught my teammates and I all of the important values off the field and has developed us all from little boys into young men. Coach LoCascio has given me so much knowledge about the game and that has made the difference in my in my lacrosse IQ. The most important aspect that is still important to me to this day is the trust Coach LoCascio has in me. Ever since I have been playing under him, he has always made sure the ball was in my stick at the end of a tough, close game. The amount of freedom he has given me on the field is a true blessing. That freedom has prepared me for all of the opportunities on the field I have and will face in the future.

Why you choice to commit to that college: The most important aspect of my decision was the opportunity to receive a great education while being able to compete for a national title. Another aspect was the rich tradition that Johns Hopkins has to offer. The great players that have come through the program make the opportunity to play there that much more special. The aspect that truly defined my decision to come play at Hopkins was the similarities I saw between Coach Pietramala and Coach LoCascio. They both bring out the best of me and there are not two other men that I would want to play for. It's an absolute blessing to play for Coach LoCascio and I can't wait to play for Coach Pietramala.

Why do you play lacrosse: I play lacrosse simply because it is the game I love. I love everything about the game and my passion about it keeps me going.

How has lacrosse influenced your life: The Team 91 organization and lacrosse itself has taught me important values. I have learned to always play until the last whistle, to never settle for anything other than perfection, and to work harder than what others think hard work is. These values also apply to the classroom and as a growing young man. These values have been life-changing and can only get better as time goes on.

What are your pregame rituals: Before every game I play in, I take out a pair of rosary beads I keep in my bag. I say a quick prayer to God and Jesus thanking them for giving me the opportunity to play the game I love and to help me use the talent he has given me to the fullest of my ability and to keep everyone on both sides of the field safe.
I then like to visualize the game and think about how I can help my team best.
Lastly, right before the first whistle I like to jump up in the air twice with my knees touching my chest to let myself know that it's time to play.

What motivates you:
Motivation is what makes me who I am. There is not a day that goes by without me trying to better myself. My biggest motivation has been this quote that I have had on my phone lock screen since sixth grade: "Don't be upset by the results you didn't get with the work you didn't do." Every single day I feel like I need to outwork every athlete out there because we are all competing for the same thing: to be the best. I am also never satisfied. I want to make everything I do perfect.

Favorite memory of playing Team 91 lacrosse:
There have been so many great memories with Team 91 and I will always remember them. The memory that sticks out the most to me would be simply the bond that has been created through my teammates, coaches, and I. We all act as brothers and would do anything for each other. That is something you don't find very often. My best friends are from Team 91 and if I had the ability to relive those memories from tournaments, hotels, and car rides; I wouldn't have to even give it a second thought. It has been an absolute blessing to play with a group of guys that I have been able to play with. Not another group out there I would trade for this group. We aren't "like" a family, we 100 percent are one.

What has the game taught you:
The game of lacrosse has taught me amazing values. I have learned to play until the last whistle, never be satisfied, and to always give all of my effort.

Whats you favorite pump-up song:
I am always changing which song I listen to before a game, but there's nothing better than being in a hotel room with the whole team the night before a game listening to whoever has their phone playing.

Whats your go-to post game meal:
After every game, I like to hydrate with as much water as possible and like to usually eat something healthy like grilled chicken.

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