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People agree that the great players have a "special something", an attribute independent of natural talent responsible for success. That "special something" has been described in general terms such as the "X-factor", "6th -tool", and "mental makeup" by scouts and coaches. They're describing a list of attributes the greats usually exhibited as early as their youth. In virtually every case, we're told their work ethic was exceptional, they had a specific focus, they handled pressure differently then their peers and had a desire to improve. Interestingly, they're not always described as the most talented from an early age. So what are these attributes the byproduct of? What is that specific "something special" they have that everyone would love to have or develop? What is that personality trait or mindset intimately responsible for success? It's called Grit.
Looking back on our coaching and playing career we've come in contact with some very successful individuals. Every one of them we would describe as gritty. They all were focused on the single goal to become great. Their passion remained intact and they practiced their craft for years. They didn't rely on a single "intense" season or year to become great, they did it over time. They overcame obstacles that would have deterred others along the way but they continued forward toward their goals. In short, the goal of the Grit baseball organization is to foster Grit in our players as we provide them with the best possible baseball experience. We welcome those committed to our vision. 


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